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Due to a death in the family, Ezekleen Systems is no longer accepting any orders. This is an opportunity that you don't want to pass up, take a small amount of time and review this website to see how simple this products is to setup.

This business and inventory is for sale to any interested party, please contact us at the below phone number for any questions regarding the sale of this business.

Please leave a message at (520)-227-5868 we will return your call as soon as humanly possible.


Tired of stinky, messy, impossible to clean, corrugated hose?

Finally there is a perfect solution!

The patented EZE Kleen System solves your worst RV sewer pipe problems, so you can enjoy your RV experience without the odor, mess or expense of those outdated corrugated hoses.

Why You Will Love EZE Kleen . . .

Each RV Connector rotates 360° horizontally and 360° vertically for easy alignment and versatility. All connections are double sealed (inside and outside) with 2 rubber "O" rings for increased sanitation. All swivels and all telescoping sections are fitted with hydraulic seals to prevent leaks.

Simple Fresh Water Cleanouts allow cleaning without disconnecting. This telescoping line for RV's can extend to almost double it's original length providing unlimited convenience.

Step One Choose Your Connector.

EZE Kleen RV Connectors rotate 360° horizontally and 360°vertically for easy alignment and versatility . All connections are double sealed with 2 rubber "O" rings. Simple Fresh Water Cleanouts allow cleaning without disconnecting .

5th wheel 3 elbow connector for eze kleen system discharge system.

Step Two Choose A Length Adapter

The 2 Elbow Connector comes with a Length Adapter to assure the correct clearance for the height your RV.

Simply measure the distance from the bottom of your RV discharge cap to the extior of your RV as shown here.

Include the measurment with your order.

Your 2 Elbow Connector will come with the correct Length Adapter for your RV as shown here.

The proper Length Adapter will assure that your connector will clear the bottom of your RV.

Each Kit Includes

3 - 24" Extension Pipes (shown below) Each 24" pipe extends to 48" for total of 12 feet.

Your Specific Connector, One Pipe Stand, A Spanner Wrench, Discharge Spout, Discharge Funnel

Optional Items Available...

Pipe Stand, Swivel Elbow