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Tired of stinky, messy, impossible to clean, corrugated hose?
Finally there is a perfect solution!

The patented EZE Kleen System solves your worst RV sewer pipe problems,
so you can enjoy your RV experience without the odor, mess or expense of
those outdated corrugated hoses.

Why You Will Love EZE Kleen . . .

     Each RV Connector rotates 360° horizontally and 360° vertically for
easy alignment and versatility
.  All connections are double sealed
(inside and outside) with 2 rubber “O” rings for increased sanitation. 
All swivels and all telescoping sections are fitted with
hydraulic seals to prevent leaks.  

    Simple Fresh Water Cleanouts allow cleaning without disconnecting. 
This telescoping line for RV’s comes in 2 different lengths and
each pipe can extend to almost double it’s original length providing
unlimited convenience.  


Save With An EZE Kleen Kit . . .

Kit includes:  RV Connector, Wrench, Discharge Spout with 2 Piece Funnel

and your choice of:

3 - 24” telescoping pipes (each extends to 48” for a total of 12')
2 - 42” telescoping pipes (each extends to 78” for a total of 13')

EZ-2DKIT 2 Elbow Deluxe Kit includes 2 Elbow Connector, Length Adapter, Discharge Spout & Funnel, Wrench, Pipe Stand, and either
3 - 24” pipes, or 2 - 42” pipes, (includes shipping a $40 to $50 value) 275.00
Choose your pipes.
Length of Adapter (in inches)

EZ-3DKIT 3 Elbow Deluxe Kit includes 3 Elbow Connector, Discharge Spout & Funnel, Wrench, Pipe Stand, and either 3 - 24” pipes, or 2 - 42” pipes (includes shipping a $40 to $50 value) 275.00
Choose your pipe length.

EZ-TL24 24 Inch Telescoping Line ($17.50 shipping) 35.95

EZ-TL42 42 Inch Telescoping Line ($17.50 shipping) 53.95

EZ-2CDS 2 Elbow Connector ($17.50 shipping) 95.95

EZ-3CDS 3 Elbow Connector ($17.50 shipping) 95.95

EZ-ST Pipe Stand ($10.00 shipping) 23.95

EZ-DS Discharge Spout ($12.50 shipping) 23.95

EZ-SE Swivel Elbow ($12.50 shipping) 29.95

EZ-WR Wrench ($7.50 shipping) 5.95

EZ-SO Small “O” Ring (.50 shipping) .75

EZ-LO Large “O’ Ring (.50 shipping) 1.00

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